Hi everyone,

Long time no blog. I’m here still, bobbing about in the background. I just wanted to share with you a little moment of amazingness that happened last week.

It all started with my friend spontaneously inviting my kids and I to Southport for a few days. We stayed right on the beach and were gifted with spectacular water views and sunsets (I missed the sunrises – snoozing. It’s not my hour) On the middle day we decided to pack some snacks and go find Duckhole Lake. After a bit of unexpected 4wd mud wrangling, map questioning and kid taming we made it to the start point. The walk is beautiful, thick glorious southern tassie wilderness at it’s best. Ferns and fungi galore.

This is where my awesome is. I finally got to see my very first Blue Mycena Interrupta. I have lusted after this fungi for years now. I follow the Tassie Fungi page and swoon over their brilliant macro photography (Shout out to my friend Verity, because she actually saw it first and showed me.)

We got to the lake eventually, it took us a little longer than we anticipated but it was a pleasant and comfortable walk, the track is great. The mirror effect on the lake was incredible, showcasing a spectacular twisted gum from the viewing seat. The track sneaks a little further around if you’re up for a bit of exploring.  If you find yourself down south with a few hours to spare, it’s worth it. Here are some pics of our little jaunt. I am very inspired and oh so in love with our little state. And yes, there was a duck.

Happy Fairy Gardening,


Love Lauren