Grace’s Fairy Kit

Grace’s Fairy Kit


Grace is a very special little girl in need of some very special help. This kit is a limited edition fundraiser and profits are being donated to The Abernathy and Grace, Stoopid Challenge. 

This door was designed with Grace in mind, the daughter of a friend of mine and you can read about her and follow her journey on her Facebook page, Saving Little Grace

Let’s get Grace to Superman!


Handmade:  Your item may slightly vary from display image

Polymer Clay


7cm x 9cmH

Large: 4 cm H x 2.5cm W
Small: 2cmH x 1cm W

Lady Bug
1cm diameter

Measurements are approximations only.
Staked for free standing.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.



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