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Zenaja is known far and wide for her skill as a healer. She can treat almost any illness – sometimes using mysterious stardust, sometimes using rare herbs from distant stars.

Zenaja was born under the star sign of the Song Flower and is known far and wide for her skill as a healer. Elves bring sick and injured night creatures to her from all over the place, and Zenaja almost always has the right medicine. She knows about the healing properties of stardust as well as those of many mysterious herbs. Zenaja is held in high regard by all the star elves for this ability.

Fun Fact: Using her song flower, Zenaja can heal many illnesses.

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Item number: 70536

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.2 x 6.3 inch (W x D x H)


  • With a moveable arm!
  • Accessory can be swapped!


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